A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The sea is a great escape. 
When near, it can take one a far away.
Surrounded by the unknown, it creates place where its just you and your thoughts. 

Dock Sitting is a short introspective scene, set to melancholic strings of Los Campesinos! The sea is a good place to think of the future. Made in a couple of weeks by my self, as a way to work through and capture some tough feelings, then sharing them with the world. I was inspired to recreate a short scene that placed people in my shoes during one of the most uncertain moments in my life. 

Dock Sitting is the first in a small series scenes i'm calling blips, more information about this project can be found at qube: - Blips 

Install instructions

To install just unzip the file to an easy to locate directory and run the exe. 

Mouse and keyboard only.
E - interact
Mouse - move camera

If your having issues with frame rate  i recommend lowering the screen resolution and quality settings on boot of the game.  
It should look good on most settings so you wont miss anything :)


DockSitting-Release-2018_07_15_Windows.zip 167 MB
DockSitting-Release-2018_07_15_macOS.zip 170 MB
DockSitting-Release-2018_07_15_Linux.zip 172 MB

Development log


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good graphics, aesthetic. loved this.


this is art.


its really relaxing

need more like this

Good, but I missed half the text because I was looking around, or because the text appeared too close and half off the screen or mostly off the screen and didn't last long enough... I think I might have liked it even more but there we go; your background was just too inviting to look at! Maybe have the text wait until the viewer has it entirely in their filed of view (or is centered on it) before counting down to removing it?


lord i havent even played this yet but i know it ganna be amazing!!!


This.... is beautiful. It's a work fo art. It's very touching. I loved it.


I love this. I thought it would be a weird, surreal, barely-understandable kinda thing- but it wasn't, and I loved it.


This is just beautiful...


This is actually really good. I was excpecting something that was just kinda "Why am I playing this," but i got something more like  "Wow, this is actually really touching." The only things i found that could really be improved while keeping this game as it is is adding the players body so you will see legs instead of just a dock, and maybe make it so that you can't turn upsid down by looking up until you are looking backwards upside-down. Thank you for the game! :)


I love the setting, the music, the shading used. It's really nice :)

One minor fix could be implemented tho. You can turn your camera 360 degrees on the Y-axis, making it able to look upside down. 

Everything else is pretty amazing. Well done!


oh that's not good :3 I'll take a look into it :) thanks for point it out and thanks for playing.


Hello! Let me start off with saying WOW.  This game is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I can't express the amount of hard work and effort it takes to make a game convey emotions as clearly as yours does. Not only that but also it is hard enough to convey those emotions in a short period of time, but you managed to do so in only about 9 min. THATS INCREADABLE. And before I end off I just want to say thank you, personally, I wasn't gonna play this game anytime soon but, I'm glad I did. I was not having the best of days and wasn't very exited on making a usual video. But, by playing your game I was able to end my day nicely, Thankyou :) And I'll be waiting for more Blips in the future.


thanks alot for playing! Im happy that I helped your day better! 

I didn't read the description before downloading so I was pleasantly surprised when my favorite song by my favorite band started playing.

haha, I'm glad that I could surprise you like that!

Really cool look at these times in your life and about the concept behind this. Everyone deals with things differently and it was nice to see how you did and how important this area is to you. Loved this!

Before I say anything I want to make it clear that in no way am, I bashing  this game. With that being said there's a lot that I think could be improved upon in Dock sitting. One of the  biggest things is the sound I couldn't hear much and, it was hard to keep track of where the words were coming from. Lack of interaction really drug this game down too. I know it's suppose to be us sharing a moment with you. I appreciate that but, just sitting there till something happens is a little dull. There really isn't any scenery that would have made up for the lack of interaction. The interaction that was there felt like I was being forced to do it to proceed. Put down the phone or, put on the headphones just felt like why do i need to push a button for this to happen since it has to happen. Over all the game is decent could be a lot better with those things in my opinion.

This game is very natural in expression. Geometric features are easy on the eyes while the music lulls the player into a sense of childish safety. Even the environment you chose is simple but universally relatable. This game is very genuine in expressing its inspiration, a simple and human story. I hope there is more story elements in the series, it'd be cool to see even more of the human developer in this. Overall, this was a relaxing and enjoyable experience, a game that personifies emotions really. In our world of instant gratification, it is nice to see people slow down and take in life. I look am looking forward to the coming series you have planned. This was Awesome. 


Thanks for playing my little project, and i'm happy it resonated with you in this way as it was exactly what i was aiming for. 

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Holy Crap, 

How awesome is this little project. I love the way the devs have used a similar color scale across the sky. You can't move in this project but why the hell would you want to. 

Just sit back and look at the environment and admire the fucking moon as the clouds float past and listen to the audio and chillllllll. Absolutly amazing.

Can I make an 8 hour screensaver please devs? What direction should I use? cliffs and trees or just the rock in the sea?



Im just watching the video again and I forgot to mention how lovely the sea crashes against the rocky terrain and how the stars twinkle. Amazing,

Haha, id love to see you make an 8hr screen saver!
Personally i'd go for  rocks and cliff to right of the dock. 
And thanks for play my little project!



I did a 6 and half hour video but only becuase I woke up at 5am and randomly switch my PC of but here ya go.